Are you a Virginia resident and looking for a structured settlement expert?

One of the most difficult decisions that many structured settlement beneficiaries face during their life is whether or not they should sell some or all of their structured settlement payments in return for a lump sum payment. This transaction, which is known by various names, such as factoring, payment stream purchase, or assignment of future structured settlement benefits, essentially is a transaction where you agree to give up some or all of your promised payments, in return for cash now. 

The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is a resource developed to assist Virginia residents in finding a local structured settlement expert or purchaser to assist them in the process of deciding the following key questions:

  • Should I sell my structured settlement payments at all?
  • Should I sell all or part of my future payments in my structured settlement?
  • Who is the best source of information on selling structured settlement payments?
  • Is there a local Virginia structured settlement expert who can assist me in finding out what the best deal is for me on my structured settlement agreement?
  • What should I expect to give up in benefits in return for selling my structured settlement future payments to a third party?
  • Should I consider engaging an Independent Professional Advisor as is allowed under state and national structured settlement protection laws?

These and other crucial questions need to be answered before anyone should consider selling their payments, as this is a vitally important decision that can impact your financial future. 

If you are looking for the local Virginia Structured Settlement Expert who can help you with this decision, please go to our contact me form. Our mission is to help you find an independent, high quality expert or firm that can walk you through this process and insure that you get the best possible return in the most time effective way. We will get back to you shortly with recommended experts for you to speak with and meet with in your area who can review all of your options and the best way to proceed with this transaction.