What is the Alabama structured settlement protection act?

If you are a resident of the State of Alabama and are considering selling your structured settlement income for a cash lump sum you need to take the time to read over and make an attempt to understand the Alabama Structured Settlement Protection Act. This legislation was put into place in 2001 and outlines your rights, the process and potential legal issues you might face as you work through this important decision.


Beyond just reading the law however, you also need to recognize that one of the biggest issues in the transfer of annuity payments is the selection of the company you work with on this vitally important transaction. Often times people will simply call an 800 number off a TV or radio ad, or respond to a direct mail solicitation, with out any idea whether or not they are getting the right price or working with someone familiar with Alabama law and the nuances of the Alabama Structured Settlement Protection Act. This directory is designed to work with a wide range of professionals, from transfer attorneys, to purchasers of cash flows, Independent Professional Advisors and structured settlement experts. 

If you are serious about finding someone in Alabama, or at least who is familiar with the transfer law and structured settlement law in the state, please use our contact form listed here and we will be happy to refer an expert for you to speak with. This is an important and often lifetime financial decision which requires careful analysis and pricing to make sure you are getting the best possible price.