When did structured settlements become such a dirty word with trial lawyers?

In this weeks commentary on The Settlement Channel, host Mark Wahlstrom looked at the question of why the term "structured settlement" has become a dirty word with trial lawyers over the last 20 years. 

In this brief video commentary Mark looks at the primary root causes, among them:

  • The use by property casualty companies to cycle money back into their life insurance subsidiaries, leading to inappropriate or excessive allocations of structured settlements just to enrich the defense insurance company.

  • The excessive advertising by factoring companies in the "cash now" TV mode which made it appear that everyone is looking to get out of structured settlement contracts, when in fact only 5% to 6% of all contracts are sold off. The vast majority of people appreciate and value their structured settlement plans, but the brand name has been tarnished by this advertising blitz.

  • A flood of investment advisors and money management firms looking to tarnish or destroy the idea of structured settlements, so that they can divert money to money under management programs which often carry more risks, and costs, than injury victims realize.

Structured settlements are one of the primary tools for settlement of personal injury claims, providing guaranteed income to injury victims and transferring the risk of out living one's assets or need for income.

Enjoy our on going tutorial series on structured settlements and settlement planning. If you or a client need assistance in locating a local structured settlement expert, please contact us or one of our regional experts directly for assistance!

Interview with Jennifer D'Andrea-Terreri, New York structured settlement expert

New York structured settlement expert Jennifer D'Andrea-Terreri joined Speaking of Settlements to discuss her structured settlement planning practice, based in Western NY, but covering the entire NY State area. This conversation, part one of a three part series on settlement planning, structured settlements, special needs and planning for clients looks at her special emphasis on working with addiction litigation, military families, special needs planning and other matters of interest to trial lawyers.

Jennifer's, who is the newest member of the Structured Settlement Expert Directory,  is located in Lockport NY and you can learn more about her by going to her profile on the structured settlement expert directory and looking under the NY listing.

This series looks at not only her professional work as a settlement planner, but also her expanded role as a certified mediator. Her holistic view of the process of dispute resolution, settlement planning and caring for the needs of injury victims is an excellent illustration of how the professionals, in what was once a profession that was focused exclusively on structured settlements, has expanded to provide comprehensive planning services for trial lawyers and injury victims. 

New York Structured Settlement Expert, Jennifer O. D'Andrea

New York Structured Settlement Expert Jennifer D'Andrea

Newest addition to the structured settlement expert directory covering the state of new york.

Jennifer D'Andrea is a Settlement Planning Consultant, Mediator and Structured Settlement Expert with over 16 years experience in the insurance, financial and legal fields. She began her settlement career with EPS Settlements Group (EPSSG) primarily working with the defense on New York State Workers' Compensation, and in 2003, transitioned to EPSSG's sister company, Millennium Settlements as a Plaintiff's oriented consultant. Jennifer continues to work with plaintiff's and their attorneys attending mediations and settlements conferences, as required in the negotiation and resolution of personal injury and non-qualified cases. Prior to structured settlements, she worked in insurance sales and continues to offer various insurance products in conjunction with structured settlement annuities.

A military brat, Jennifer grew up at Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Through her personal experiences and work in the community, she recognized the needs of Military Families and Veterans and thus Founded S.E.R.V. NIAGARA. S.E.R.V. NIAGARA is the first organization in Niagara County to provide housing exclusively for homeless and disabled Veterans and their families, while also providing a uniquely structured program to support, educate, employ, empower and promote healing.

Jennifer is a liaison in the Lockport City Treatment Courts, Niagara County Veterans Court, and speaks on social issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence and the effects on children and families. She is a member of the Lockport Rotary, Niagara County Judges and Police Executive Conference, National Structured Settlement Trade Association, and NIMAC (Niagara Military Affairs Council). 

Jennifer is an alumna of the Leadership Niagara Class of 2015, has recently been honored with the 2016 Unsung Hero Award presented by the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, a 2015 Congressional Medal of Honor Citizen Honors Finalist in the Service Act category, and the 2014 Community Support Award sponsored by the Lockport Business Association. After living out of the country for 5 years, Jennifer and her family now reside in historic Lockport.

Contact Jennifer O. D'Andrea on social media or her company web page below:




Jennifer O. D'Andrea, LLC

Conveniently located across from the Niagara County Courthouse at 80 Park Avenue, Lockport, NY 14094

Office line: 716-553-6714