Stan Harlan, Iowa based expert, discusses structured sales of farm land

Stan Harlan, one of the nations most experienced experts in structured settlements, was recently interviewed on Settlement Expert TV. The purpose of the interview was to look at the recent surge in interest regarding the use of structured sales to fund the installment sale of farm land in the mid-west, particularly in Iowa where Stan Harlan is located. 

Structured sales of farm land allows for the tax deferral of capital gains on the sale, transfer of the obligation to make future payments to a AA rated life insurance company and most importantly design a guaranteed cash flow for the seller that spreads the tax hit over years and decades, as opposed to simply paying a huge tax hit and attempting to invest what is left. 

If you are looking for a means of structuring farm land sales in Iowa, please watch this excellent video featuring Stan Harlan of Summit Settlements. 

Stan Harlan, Iowa Structured Settlement Expert

In this introductory video, Stan Harlan of Summit Settlements joins Scott Drake on Speaking of Settlements to discuss his 30 year career in structured settlements, settlement planning and running one of the nations leading agencys for structured settlements.

Based out of Des Moines, Iowa, Summit Settlements is Iowa's top resource for structured settlements, settlement planning and annuity products and services for trial lawyers, claims professionals, self insureds and others who wish to use structured settlements to resolve difficult personal injury claims.

Stan Harlan's back ground and expertise in investments, annuities and settlement planning is available for anyone based in Iowa, with the cutting edge experience to handle all types of settlement planning issues.

Be sure to watch this initial video and learn how you can get your questions about structured settlements answered by the leading expert in the state of Iowa, Stan Harlan.