Oil and Gas lease bonus payments, Allstate innovates once again.

In this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements we look at one of the more innovative programs in the non-qualified market and that is the structuring of oil and gas lease bonus payments through the use of a structured settlement annuity device.

As many people in the structured settlement profession know, Allstate Financial has been a consistent innovator in the area of structured taxable damage awards, as well as structuring the sales of appreciated real estate through their structured sales program. They continue their progressive ways with the announced ability to now structure oil and gas lease bonus payments, allowing people who are leasing their land for oil and gas drilling to defer bonus payments into future years tax returns. 

The reason this is so important and valuable is that the bonus payment is on top of the annual or quarterly lease payments and is typically a one time bonus up front. By being able to move those dollars into future years, you are able to spread the tax hit over time, earn interest on the funds while deferring, guarantee payments on a fixed schedule and ideally receive them when you are in a lower tax bracket or have other off setting deductions. Of course, on top of the tax benefits, many people just find the idea of being able to secure future payments with the bonus funds to simply be prudent financial planning and want to take advantage of that option now.

To learn more about the Allstate Financial Oil and Gas leasing bonus program, you can go to Mark Wahlstrom's firms website at www.wahlstromandassociates.com. or continue to view commentary from other expert at Settlement Expert TV.