Kelly Ramsdale, New Mexico structured settlement expert interview and profile

In this video profile, Kelly Ramsdale, discusses her background and her firms unique approach to settlement planning and the use of structured settlements. In this recent edition of Settlement Expert TV Kelly and host Scott Drake look at how settlement planning has evolved and how her practice is of particular benefit to trial lawyers and injury victims in New Mexico and the Rocky Mountain region.

Based out of Colorado, Kelly also has a strong reputation and years of experience working with New Mexico residents, trial lawyers and other advisors on answering the difficult questions and issues related to the once in a life time decisions that are part of any personal injury settlement. 

Kelly Ramsdale appointed as structured settlement expert for Oklahoma and New Mexico

The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is pleased to announce that Kelly Ramsdale, President of Kelly Ramsdale & Associates, has been appointed as our listed expert for the states of New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Kelly Ramsdale is President of Kelly Ramsdale & Associates, a national plaintiff-only structured settlement consulting firm in Denver, CO.  but with an extensive clientele in New Mexico and years of experience working with New Mexico residents in resolving their structured settlement issues and answering their questions.

Kelly Ramsdale, New Mexico Structured Settlement Expert

Kelly Ramsdale, New Mexico Structured Settlement Expert

She advises plaintiff attorneys and their clients in various types of personal injury and wrongful death cases, including;  medical malpractice, products liability, aviation, auto bodily injury/trucking, sexual assault, contracts and civil rights cases.  In addition to personal injury and wrongful death cases, she also handles sexual molestation/sexual harassment, psychological/emotional distress, punitive damages, contract dispute, estate distribution and divorce cases.

She travels extensively to not only attend mediations, but to personally meet with the injured parties and their families all over the United States.  She has been involved in the Columbine High School cases, the 9-11 Victims’ Compensation Fund and Pan Am Flight 103 (Lockerbie) cases.  She works with many highly renowned firms across the country.

 In addition to meeting with injured plaintiffs and their families, Kelly travels the country doing presentations to various state and regional trial lawyer organizations, law school classes and attorneys’ offices.  She has also published several articles related to the use of structured settlements in various types of cases, and is a nationally renowned leader in finding innovative, creative uses for structured settlements, including deferred compensation and estate planning.

You can learn more about Kelly Ramsdale and the structured settlement services she provides for trial lawyers and injury victims in the states of Oklahoma and New Mexico by clicking on either her agent profile page, or the state specific pages here in the directory. We will have a video interview of Ms. Ramsdale available later this month.