A back door attack on QSF's?

In this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements to be released on Thursday, Mark Wahlstrom provides a video commentary pointed directly at the two professional associations that work in the arena of structured settlements, NSSTA and the SSP.

With the NSSTA annual meeting scheduled for Palm Springs, CA in April and the SSP annual meeting set for Las Vegas, NV in early May, I think the time is right to start an honest discussion about the low level rumblings that there is a concerted effort underway in the profession to "take on the issue of single claimant QSF's" and to end the practice once and for all.

You can read and view the full commentary at The Settlement Channel, but the video commentary is provided here as well. Check it out and give some real thought as to what the implications are of a shrinking structured settlement profession and the concentration of power that is occurring.

Structured Settlements and NSSTA, an out look provided by Eric Vaughn

Eric Vaughn, Executive Director of NSSTA, joins the weekly broadcast of Speaking of Settlements, to look at the 2013 legislative and political landscape for the structured settlement profession and to discuss how NSSTA members can work with the association to protect the future of structured settlements and settlement planning.

Eric was in Scottsdale, AZ to host one of the several planned regional lunches for structured settlement experts and professionals who are also members of NSSTA and to get face to face feed back on the issues and challenges agents and experts face as part of their professional practices.

Eric discusses the looming tax bill negotiations with Congress, the importance of growth and change in the profession, but most importantly maintaining the core principals and tax code/legislative support of structured settlements and their key role in protecting the income, lives and families of injury victims nationwide.

This is an excellent interview that will be of interest to structured settlement professionals, state and federal legislatures and representatives as well as life insurance and property casualty firms that are actively engaged in the use and protection of structured settlements.

This is a featured broadcast on Legal Broadcast Network and The Settlement Channel and is an example of the public affairs and educational platform available for attorneys, planners and others looking to discuss issues that impact their profession.