Allstate rolls out their structured sales product for oil & Gas Lease bonus payments

In yet another innovative move by Allstate Financial and their structured settlement division, it was announced this week that Allstate would be rolling out yet another “non-qualified” annuity funding vehicle that would allow for the structuring of oil and gas lease bonus payments.

While seemingly obscure to those who do not have land upon which they lease oil or gas rights to drilling or production companies, this market has substantial potential given the wide number of privately held or closely held businesses, as well as individuals, who might be interested in spreading the bonus payments they get in some years over a several year period. The fact is in an era of rising oil and gas prices, these lease bonus payments can be substantial and many owners of the leases would prefer to spread those big bonus years where oil and gas prices spike, over several years if possible, or even defer it far into the future when the oil or gas lease might be played out or sold. This is going to be a really solid planning tool in this niche market.

This particular product has one key feature in that there is a revenue ruling, RR 68-606, which specifically addresses the tax treatment of this technique, something that has inhibited the use of structured sales and income deferral strategies in the areas such as celebrity endorsements and divorce settlements.

Learn more about this announcement by viewing this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements, where Mark Wahlstrom discusses some of the basic issues and for whom this product or strategy might be suitable. Structured settlement expert and broker, Mark Wahlstrom can be contacted at Wahlstrom & Associates in Scottsdale, AZ

Structured settlement expert directory announces first expert listings

The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is pleased to announce that we have reservations and confirmed listings for 48 of the 62 cities, states or regions in our directory. As we build out the directory several exciting things will begin to be published and pushed out to our broad internet audience, among them these initial announcements regarding the first group of experts accepted into the nationwide listing.

John Darer, Structured Settlement Expert listing for New York City and Manhattan

Chuck Derenne, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Wisconsin

Stan Harlan, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Iowa

Jason Lazarus, JD, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida

Kimberly Overby, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Dallas,TX and Houston, TX

Sean Petronzi, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Nevada

Kelly Ramsdale, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Oklahoma and New Mexico

Grant and Gerald Simon, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Louisiana and Mississippi

Mark Wahlstrom, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Arizona and Massachusetts

These are just the completed listings for which we have set up initial profiles, with video interviews and profiles to be released and broadcast over the next four weeks. We will also be announcing listings for 34 other states and cities over the next few weeks so be watching this news feed for updates as each new expert is listed and unveiled.