Stan Harlan, Summit Settlements and Iowa based structured settlement broker

In this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements, Stan Harlan joins Mark Wahlstrom to discuss the current issues facing the structured settlement profession, specifically as they relate to running and growing a generaly agency such as Summit Settlements.

Summit Settlements is one of the oldest and largest independent general agents working in the area of structured settlements. Established almost 30 years ago, it offers virtually every available life insurance or annuity market in the structured settlement industry and has a position of leadership in that it often has markets other firms do not have access to, something that is rarely mentioned in the profession.

On top of that, the issues of compliance, licensing, broker development and other important topics are discussed in this featured video. If you are a broker, agent or settlement planner in the structured settlement profession, please take a look at this video and learn more about Summit Settlements and Des Moines, Iowa based structured settlement expert, Stan Harlan.

Structured settlement expert directory announces first expert listings

The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is pleased to announce that we have reservations and confirmed listings for 48 of the 62 cities, states or regions in our directory. As we build out the directory several exciting things will begin to be published and pushed out to our broad internet audience, among them these initial announcements regarding the first group of experts accepted into the nationwide listing.

John Darer, Structured Settlement Expert listing for New York City and Manhattan

Chuck Derenne, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Wisconsin

Stan Harlan, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Iowa

Jason Lazarus, JD, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Florida

Kimberly Overby, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Dallas,TX and Houston, TX

Sean Petronzi, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Nevada

Kelly Ramsdale, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Oklahoma and New Mexico

Grant and Gerald Simon, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Louisiana and Mississippi

Mark Wahlstrom, Structured Settlement Expert listing for Arizona and Massachusetts

These are just the completed listings for which we have set up initial profiles, with video interviews and profiles to be released and broadcast over the next four weeks. We will also be announcing listings for 34 other states and cities over the next few weeks so be watching this news feed for updates as each new expert is listed and unveiled.