Why Do I Need a Structured Settlement, With Kelly Ramsdale, Kelly Ramsdale & Associates, Denver, Colorado

The "it's my money and I want it now" philosophy is not always the best thing, says Kelly Ramsdale.  It is important to set up a structured settlement properly from the get-go and not to over-structure the settlement. 

Ramsdale, President of Kelly Ramsdale and Associates, a national plaintiff-only structured settlement consulting firm in Denver, Colorado, spends a lot of time working with families, building their structures with them.  The idea, she says, is that the structure is locked in but doesn't feel locked in.  She makes a lot of benefit streams coming out so that the structure never needs to be invaded.

Ramsdale tells attorneys that they've got the structured settlement protection act in place, that requires a person to go in front of a judge in their jurisdiction to make sure the structure is in their best interest.   She is often asking attorneys, "who would sign on for a financial vehicle that you could never escape from?"

Kelly Ramsdale  President, Kelly Ramsdale and Associates

Kelly Ramsdale

President, Kelly Ramsdale and Associates

Kelly Ramsdale is a nationally renowned leader in developing innovative, creative structured settlements solutions for a variety of situations.  She is President of Kelly Ramsdale and Associates in Denver, Colorado and spoke with Settlement Expert TV.