Attorney Misconception with Structured Settlements, with Kelly Ramsdale, Kelly Ramsdale and Associates, Denver, Colorado

Kelly Ramsdale, President of Kelly Ramsdale and Associates, a national plaintiff-only structured settlement consulting firm in Denver, Colorado, says that attorneys often look at structured settlements all wrong.  They need to look at their clients as "retirees" and not to look at them in the growth phase of their portfolio, as they're in the income portion.  "They need this money and don't have the luxury to let it grow," Ramsdale says.

Ramsdale finds that attorneys often equate structures with people who aren't very smart or sophisticated.  She finds that to be very wrong and in fact, works with clients who believe structures bring security to the table. 

Kelly Ramsdale,  President, Kelly Ramsdale and Associates

Kelly Ramsdale,

President, Kelly Ramsdale and Associates

It seems that attorneys would rather have their clients take that uncertain road instead of lock in low interest rates, adds Ramsdale. 

Kelly Ramsdale is a nationally renowned leader in developing innovative, creative structured settlements solutions for a variety of situations.  She is President of Kelly Ramsdale and Associates in Denver, Colorado and spoke with Settlement Expert TV.