Seed, time and harvest, why you should join the structured settlement expert directory

As you look to expand your marketing and professional planning practice in 2013, one of the tools you need to consider is the use of video, which is still the single most powerful advertising and branding tool known to man. 

You have to plant a seed in order to get a harvest.

You have to plant a seed in order to get a harvest.

In this 9 minute tutorial, Mark Wahlstrom, the founder of The Structured Settlement Expert Directory, reviews the upgrades in the directory, but also the proven results it has returned for the majority of it's members. Even if you are not a member of the structured settlement profession, this examination of how to effectively couple video, social media and a coherent marketing campaign together, will be invaluable in discovering why video works and why being part of a network or directory is so essential.

This video, entitled "Seed, time and harvest", looks at the concept of planting your seed, i.e. your financial resources, in fertile ground, and then what it takes in on going effort to successfully tend to the crop's growth and eventual harvest. You can not engage in a video or social media campaign by throwing dollars at it and not also have a steadfast and logical commitment to use it as part of your on going networking and branding tools. Neglect, once the money is spent on videos, only leads to your field being infested with weeds and your crop dying, wasting the time and money spent on the front end. 

Additionally it takes patience, something few of us have anymore, to allow an effective campaign to achieve powerful results. Nothing is cheap and nothing is fast in marketing and branding programs, although the relative cost for this video directory is LESS than you would spend to shoot even one video, let along multiple broadcast. Regardless, it is vital people have realistic and reasonable expectations as to what these sort of social media tools can offer, as well as the additional commitment to integrate them into your existing campaigns so as to insure success. 

If you want to know more about how to become part of The Structured Settlement Expert Directory, go to our contact page here on the site and we will be happy to assist you.