Colorado structured settlement expert, Craig Eirich

In this video profile on Settlement Expert TV, we are joined by Craig Eirich, one of the principals of Settlement Partners, Inc, based in Denver, Colorado and who is widely considered to be one of the leading experts in structured settlements in that state.

Craig Eirich has a long and distinguished professional career working with injury victims in the state of Colorado, often utilizing structured settlements as a means of securing their future income needs at the time of their injury settlement being finalized. However, his firm has a diverse array of specialists and resources that allow them to engage in a more comprehensive form of settlement planning than most people have available when dealing with an insurance claims adjuster on their settlement.

If you are a resident of Colorado, or live in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder or any other major city in Colorado, and you are looking for information or advice on how to handle your structured settlement, the states leading expert and agent is Craig Eirich of Settlement Partners, Inc.