Arthur Chapman of Cornerstone Settlements discusses the impact of Medicare and Medicaid issues in settlement planning

In this video interview on Speaking of Settlements, the weekly show dedicated to profiling topics of interest to structured settlement professionals nationally, we are joined by Arthur Chapman of Cornerstone Settlement Services to discuss his firm and the issue of MSA accounts, Medicaid and Medicare planning in settlement negotiations and plans.

Few areas impact settlement planning and settlement negotiations more profoundly than governmental benefits, medical liens and future medical care planning. In most settlements you find injured parties who are impacted in some fashion by these state and federal medical programs and knowledge of how they can help or hinder planning.

Arthur is based out of Memphis, TN and is the listed expert for structured settlement planning and structured settlement annuity work in that state and region. As this video illustrates, if you are looking for a top structured settlement expert in the state of Tennessee or Memphis region, Cornerstone Settlements and Arthur Chapman would be the firm to call. Please check out his profile on The Structured Settlement Expert Directory if you are in TN and are looking for assistance on your structured settlement questions.