Structured settlement expert directory is open for listing

 In this weeks edition of Speaking of Settlements, Mark Wahlstrom outlines and demonstrates online how the Structured Settlement Expert Directory is being set up, designed and launched officially on January 17th, 2011.

This directory is the first professionally specific listing of structured settlement experts, agents and brokers that is open to most structured settlement professionals that meet the listing criteria. The purpose of the directory is going to be simple, direct and effective:

1. To create a video yellow pages listing for each professional that outlines their area of speciality, unique markets and areas of geographic and professional coverage.

2. To make sure each listed agent or expert is on the first page of standard Google search results for their desired geographic listing, as well as first in video search and eventually social search metrics as well.

3. To use this listing as a link to the agents existing or future web page, blogs or social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, further branding the agent as an expert in their professional or social circle.

Learn more about how the directory works, see it's power demonstrated in this online video and learn how you can be part of this powerful, open platform that helps you build your brand and protect your business territory.