Arizona structured settlement expert, Mark Wahlstrom, to speak at NSSTA regional

Arizona based structured settlement expert, Mark Wahlstrom, will be speaking to the National Structured Settlement Trade Association on November 12th, from 11:15 am to noon, at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, NV on the topic of "Emarketing.

The objective of the 45 minute presentation by Mark Wahlstrom and Peter Arnold, will be to give settlement, financial and legal professionals a glimpse at the stunning changes that are occurring on the internet and how social media tools are eclipsing the marketing plans and objectives of settlement professionals nationwide.

In the words of Mark Wahlstrom, "Quite simply, if you don't develop a strategic plan and budget to get involved in Emarketing using the exploding universe of social media enabled platforms, you either are looking to retire in the next 24 months or you just have given up the business."
There have recently been stacks of articles in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal outlining how the shift toward adoption of social networks such as Facebook have accelerated to such a point that over 500 million users now consider Facebook their primary social networking platform. Why this matters is that unlike in prior years where paid search on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing were crucial for advertisers, now a person's social profile and ranking is going to be calculated by Bing and Google to drop them into search results on search questions as to what professional someone should use. Tools such as The Structured Settlement Expert Directory are going to allow settlement professionals and experts to tie in their social, email and traditional marketing into one powerful location to generate leads and publicity.

In short, your social graph and profile is very quickly going to be as indispensable to you as a fax machine once was, as important as a web site and as vital as an email address. Those who fail to make this next step will be destined for a not slow death of the leads and referrals that are the life blood of any professional practice.

What Mark Wahlstrom will be sharing should be of utmost interest to anyone who:

  • Needs to brand them selves on the internet and define their professional practice.
  • Has failed to date to develop a social/professional profile.
  • Has failed to integrate their current web site, blogs, podcasts and email platform into a coherent social marketing platform.
  • Those who realize that 85% of all new business comes from our existing leads and clients and that failure to position yourself as "the expert" in your professional and social media circles means that others will be stealing away your clients with out you even knowing it.

In short, this quick primer is an opportunity for any structured settlement professional to look at what is coming, what they can to do prepare but more importantly how they can develop their own brand and dramatically expand the referred leads to your practice.

Any structured settlement expert or professional who is looking to attend simply needs to go to the NSSTA web site by clicking here. Register now by going to the NSSTA web site here.