Dorothy Scanlan Stevens, Orange County CA Structured Settlement Expert

Dorothy Scanlan Stevens is the President of the San Diego office of Summit Settlement Services, Inc. Her consulting firm has been serving our Southern California community for over 25 years, having settled thousands of bodily injury cases. While based in San Diego, Dorothy is widely known through out Orange County, CA and is considered one of the top structured settlement experts in Orange County, CA.

Dorothy earned the designation of Certified Structured Settlement Consultant, offered by the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) through the University of Notre Dame’s executive program. She supports local attorney associations and is a member of NSSTA. In addition to being a member in good standing with NSSTA, Dorothy has completed secondary courses in investment products, pensions, estate planning, annuity sales, business, finance, negotiations, and ethics. Dorothy authors a quarterly newsletter entitled “The Structured Settlement Report.”

Dorothy Scanlan Stevens, Orange County structured settlement expert

Dorothy Scanlan Stevens, Orange County structured settlement expert

You can contact Dorothy Scanlan Stevens, CSSC, at the following address:

Summit Settlement Services, Inc.
Post Office Box 231130
Encinitas, California 92023-1130

Toll Free: (888) 673-8853   Direct: (760) 944-0022    Fax: (760) 944-2950

How to find an Orange County CA structured settlement agent or expert

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If you are a resident or attorney in the State of California, specifically in Orange County and it's major cities such as Newport Beach, Irvine and Anaheim, you may contact our settlement expert services office and we will assist you in locating someone in your area who can work with you on your litigation, structured settlement or settlement planning question.

Our firm has access to local professionals who work either with defense attorneys, plaintiff attorneys or at the request of the court. Which ever side of the transaction you are working from, we can find someone to assist you with your structured settlement questions.

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