The Utah Structured Settlement Expert

Marvin Smith, Utah Structured Settlement Expert

From the very inception of the structured settlement profession in the late 1970's, one of the leaders in designing, negotiating and implementing structured settlements in the Rocky Mountain and Utah region has be Marvin "Marv" Smith. A member of both major professional settlement organizations, NSSTA and SSP, an almost 20 year relationship with Summit Settlements and an advocate for personal injury victims and trial lawyers through out the Rocky Mountain and Utah region, few professionals have the years of experience and knowledge that Marv Smith provides.  

Marvin Smith, The Utah Structured Settlement Expert

Marvin Smith, The Utah Structured Settlement Expert

One of the unique aspects of Marv's practice and service to those looking for structured settlements in the state of Utah is his willingness to meet in person with trial lawyers, injury victims or the families of those hurt or killed in an accident to review in detail their options regarding their personal injury settlement. Few areas of finance require a companion knowledge of the insurance claims process, something that Marv provides given his decades of work in and around the claim community.

Marv Smith is available for consultation on all aspects of structured settlements, structured legal fee, multi-claimant cases and taxable damage settlements, which may also be structured if designed by a professional with expertise in that area.

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OFFICE: 3754 Prospector Circle, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121 

PHONE: 801-930-9315

FAX: 801-930-9326


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