The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is a privately run and supervised directory for structured settlement agents, experts, settlement trust administrators and Independent Professional Advisors. The platform was created and is run by the same group that broadcasts The Settlement Channel, the weekly news and information program that has for ten years been actively discussing the structured settlement profession and legal issues related to court settlements and litigation. These shows provide guidance to non-professionals on how to manage the process of planning their injury settlement using a structured settlement. 

Inclusion in the directory or featured commentary slots are at the sole discretion of the owners/operators and they reserve the right to limit the number of states in which any one firm may list, so as to maximize the relevance of the directory listings and increase the value to the party searching for advice and assistance. The singular purpose of The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is to provide lawyers, injury victims as well as current owners of structured settlement payments a market place to locate experts in their city, state or region. 

Each listed expert is required to provide standard information about themselves, their firm, business approach or markets, areas of specialty, etc. We will need contact information, office locations, social and professional networking links so that any clients looking at your profile will have the ability learn more about you and your firm. Again, the purpose is to match experts to the problem being searched, so the more complete the profile and information, the more likely we will pair up the right parties. 

We also highly recommend a 3 to 5 minute video interview of the structured settlement professional outlining the key elements of their firm, professional practice and information relevant to that which a client might wish to know before contacting them or engaging their services. Video interviews are shot by and hosted through The Settlement Channel and the cost of this video is included in your monthly directory listing fee.

To learn more, or to request an application, please use the "Contact" form at the top of our page and we will be happy to contact you and give you all of the benefits of membership in the directory. 

Please view this video entitled "Seed, time and Harvest" to learn more about how video, directories and social media work to build your professional practice.