What is the Structured Settlement Expert Directory?

The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is the only comprehensive and objective directory listing of structured settlement experts, agents, brokers and consultants who specialize in the design, planning and placement of structured settlements. Directed by structured settlement professionals with over 35 years of experience in providing objective advice on how best to proceed with this complex and important financial and settlement decision, we assist with the selection process of finding someone who works with injury victims or trial lawyers in your city, state or region. The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is national in scope and our experts are able to assist you in all 50 states. 

How do I find a structured settlement expert in my city or state?

The quickest way to locate a structured settlement expert in your state is to simply click on the state, city or region listing on the right side of the web page and see if there is a listed expert or agent for your state or metro region. If we don't currently have a confirmed expert for your particular state or city, simply email us at the "contact link" here on the top of this page and we will locate a structured settlement expert in your area to assist you.

How can I find out more about an expert in my state that I might want to contact?

Each expert profile will provide the name, address and contact number for the agent, or agents, in your state or metro region. We will attempt to offer photos, video interviews, links to their web pages and social profiles, so that you are able to learn more about them, their professional practice and to decide if you would like to contact them directly. While the owners of the directory make every attempt to verify the professional status and experience of each expert listed, please understand that we can not endorse any particular agent or expert. You need to do your own due diligence in researching them, but our standards for listing and staying listed typically provide you with a base line of information necessary to determine if a particular agent or expert is someone you want to work with. We are also available to answer questions you might have prior to contacting a local structured settlement expert or settlement planner. 

What are the minimum standards for listing of an expert in the directory?

The standards for inclusion in the directory include the following:

  • The agent or management of a company must agree to a phone interview and verification process administered by the directory owners.
  • We determine if the settlement planner or expert is licensed in the state in which they are listed and if they have evidence of carrying professional liability coverage specific to the profession they primarily engage in.
  • Listed experts and agents must belong to one of the generally recognized industry professional associations, such as SSP, NASP, The Special Needs Alliance or NSSTA, and have demonstrated that they have been continuously engaged in the settlement planning, structured settlements or settlement trust administration for at least 3 years.

 Who manages the directory?

The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is owned and administered by Wahlstrom & Associates. The independent original news and commentary is provided by The Settlement Channel, one of the leading online information sources for all matters related to structured settlements and part of the Sequence Media Group. 

Who provides the content and broadcasts for the directory?

The content for the directory is provided by The Settlement Channel news feed which is a broadcast written and produced by the Settlement Channel and is their exclusive copyright material and content. All directory members and experts are encouraged to produce at least one or two videos annually to discuss issues of local and regional importance in the state for which they are listed in order to retain their directory listing as current and professionally relevant.