How as a Florida resident should you go about selling your structured settlement payments?

One of the most difficult decisions that many structured settlement beneficiaries face during their life is whether or not they should sell some or all of their structured settlement payments in return for a lump sum payment. This transaction, which is known by various names, such as factoring, payment stream purchase, or assignment of future structured settlement benefits, essentially is a transaction where you agree to give up some or all of your promised payments, in return for cash now. 

The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is a resource developed to assist Alabama residents in finding a local structured settlement expert to assist them in the process of deciding the following key questions:

  • Should I sell my structured settlement payments at all?
  • Should I sell all or part of my future payments in my structured settlement?
  • Who is the best source of information on selling structured settlement payments?
  • Is there a local Florida structured settlement expert who can assist me in finding out what the best deal is for me on my structured settlement agreement?
  • What should I expect to give up in benefits in return for selling my structured settlement future payments to a third party?
  • If I get my deal in place, will I still continue to be called by structured settlement companies trying to get me to sell my payments?

These and other crucial questions need to be answered before anyone should consider selling their payments, as this is a vitally important decision that can impact your financial future. 

If you are looking for the local Florida Structured Settlement Expert who can help you with this decision, please go to our contact me form. We will get back to you shortly with recommended experts for you to speak with and meet with in your area who can review all of your options and the best way to proceed with this transaction. 

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Are you looking to sell your structured settlement annuity for cash?

If you are a Florida resident and you are looking to sell your structured settlement annuity for cash, it is vital that you carefully consider who you work with in the process of turning your structured settlement annuity payments into a lump sum of cash. 

The Florida Structured Settlement Experts suggest you think before you decide who to sell your structured settlement too!

The Florida Structured Settlement Experts suggest you think before you decide who to sell your structured settlement too!

This process, known by some as factoring your structured settlement, or in common language getting "cash now" for your court or structured settlement, is regulated in Florida by a law governing the structured settlement sale transaction. It provides protections to consumers as to how they are to go about the process and who they can work with to get things done in a timely manner. 

On this page, provided by the Florida structured settlement experts, we will be designing a series of updates and tutorials on the process and law in Florida under the Structured Settlement Protection Act. The first of which is that is not possible to "get cash now" in a way that is responsible, timely and with court approval. Anyone who is offering to buy your structured settlement and is going to give you cash now, is simply creating an unrealistic expectation as to how long it takes to go through the necessary process of bidding out your structured settlement, obtaining a binding quote that is fair and then submitting it to the court for approval. 

What for our series starting this month by the Florida Structured Settlement Expert's and how you can learn the safest, fastest and most responsible way to sell your structured settlement. 

How to locate a Florida based structured settlement agent or expert

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