MSA solutions for Arizona plaintiff attorneys. What is the obligation of the lawyer?

The Legal Broadcast Network is devoting much of it's production and shows in December 2015 to the study of issues related to social security, medicare and governmental benefits as it relates to trial lawyers and liability claims. The first of these conversations looks at the issue of MSA's, also known as Medicare Set Aside accounts, which address the future offsets to Medicare for personal injury victims who settle their case knowing they currently or in the future are a Medicare beneficiary and that they need, by law, to put aside funds covering medical expenses related to their injury settlements. 

Jack Meligan, chairman of Settlement Professionals Inc, of Portland, OR joins Mark Wahlstrom to discuss the on going questions and misinformation around the issue of Medicare set aside accounts. MSA's, as they are commonly referred to are one of the most misunderstood and confusing liability issues for attorneys, but as this interview makes clear, these are established on an entirely voluntary basis as there is currently no law or regulation that requires them to be established. This voluntary act thus makes it essential that the trial lawyer inform their client and get an MSA firm that specializes in plaintiff solutions to work on the valuation and planning for this important part of a settlement plan.

If you wish to learn more about our guest, Jack Meligan you can do so by going to  You can also learn more about Arizona MSA solutions for plaintiff attorneys by contacting Mark Wahlstrom at Wahlstrom & Associates, a Scottsdale AZ based settlement planning and consulting firm working exclusively with trial lawyers for the past 30 years. 

Selling your structured settlement payments in Arizona, who should you contact for advice?

One of the most difficult decisions that many structured settlement beneficiaries face during their life is whether or not they should sell some or all of their structured settlement payments in return for a lump sum payment. This transaction, which is known by various names, such as factoring, payment stream purchase, or assignment of future structured settlement benefits, essentially is a transaction where you agree to give up some or all of your promised payments, in return for cash now. 

The Structured Settlement Expert Directory is a resource developed to assist Arizona residents in finding a local structured settlement expert to assist them in the process of deciding the following key questions:

  • Should I sell my structured settlement payments at all?
  • Should I sell all or part of my future payments in my structured settlement?
  • Who is the best source of information on selling structured settlement payments?
  • Is there a local Arizona structured settlement expert who can assist me in finding out what the best deal is for me on my structured settlement agreement?
  • What should I expect to give up in benefits in return for selling my structured settlement future payments to a third party?

These and other crucial questions need to be answered before anyone should consider selling their payments, as this is a vitally important decision that can impact your financial future. 

If you are looking for the local Arizona structured Settlement Expert who can help you with this decision, please contact our listed expert, Mark Wahlstrom. He will get back to you shortly with recommended experts for you to speak with and meet with in your area who can review all of your options and the best way to proceed with this transaction. 

Mark Wahlstrom, Arizona Structured Settlement Expert

Wahlstrom & Associates is one of the nations oldest and most progressive structured settlement and settlement planning firms. Founded in 1981 and plaintiff exclusive since 1985, we have handled over 5000 cases over the years and assisted trial lawyers and injury victims to plan the proper use of their settlement proceeds. 

Products and services include structured settlement annuities, settlement planning, 468B trust design and administration, trial lawyer structured legal fee retirement programs and hourly fee work in litigation, settlement and mediation services.

Mark Wahlstrom, The Arizona Structured Settlement Expert and Agent

Mark Wahlstrom, The Arizona Structured Settlement Expert and Agent

Mark Wahlstrom also is the host of The Settlement Channel and the weekly broadcast, Settlement Expert TV. His commentary covers all areas of structured settlements, settlement planning and structured legal fee ideas, as well as strategic issues related to multi-claimant cases and the use of 468B qualified settlement funds.

As one of the national experts in the administration of multi-claimant cases and mass torts, Mark is able to craft uniquely creative solutions for lawyers at all levels of practice, no matter how complex or daunting the problem may seem at first glance.




Contact Mark Wahlstrom

OFFICE: Wahlstrom & Associates, 7585 East Red Field Road, Suite 103, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

PHONE: 480-478-0183


WEBSITES:  Wahlstrom & Associates, The Settlement Channel andSettlement Expert TV.


Building an effective structured settlement practice

In this weeks edition of Settlement Expert TV I give a brief over view of my tutorial on Sowing and Reaping, how to plant good seeds and build a strong, sustainable structured settlement or legal practice.

This principal is obviously borrowed from the old Biblical parable of the sower who casts his seed in hope of finding a crop and the illustration of what happens to seed that falls on rocky or weed choked ground. It also drives home the importance of knowing what kind of crop you want to harvest and the importance of investing your time and energy into productive soil if you hope to have a good crop.

Far too many lawyers, settlement experts and other financial professionals have fallen victim to continuing to use the tools and techniques of 5, 10 or 20 years ago in hopes to engage the audience and prospects of today, most of whom go to the internet and use search engines or directories to find their professional or legal experts. 

The world has changed and so has human behavior as to how people determine who to use and trust for their professional services. If you are not prominent, but more importantly, relevant, in search results and the content you provide, the more progressive professionals are going to be running past you.

This month long series, which given my propensity for expanding a topic may actually run through the end of the year, will be all about determining your vision for your professional practice, designing a low cost, but powerful strategy to implement that vision and out lining the tools necessary to measure the results of your plan.

( Mark Wahlstrom is the President of Wahlstrom & Associates which is located in Scottsdale, AZ, and is generally considered the nations leading expert on structured settlements, settlement planning and structured legal fees. His commentary can be read each week at The Settlement Channel or viewed on Speaking of Settlements.)

What to do if your are offered a structured settlement to resolve your injury claim

In the second of our on going series on the basics of structured settlements, today I look at the question of what to do if you are offered a structured settlement as a means of settling your personal injury case or claim.

The video outlines the key topics, but Mark Wahlstrom goes over the essential basics:

1. If you are approached by a casualty or insurance company to settle your claim and you don't yet have a lawyer, GET A LAWYER first! You absolutely do not want to settle a case or claim with out the assistance of a qualified trial lawyer, but you would be shocked at the number of people in small to moderate claims that give it a try. Dont' do it, find a lawyer and if you don't know one contact us and we will help you locate one in your area.

2. Get a structured settlement expert to assist you in designing, pricing and planning your settlement and do NOT work with a broker for the insurance company. This does not mean that a defense broker is bad or incompetent, it just means that it is almost always in your best interest to have your own professional settlement expert working with you.

3. Take your time and consider the offer carefully and do not be rushed. Yes interest rates move and change, but that is no reason to make a hasty or incomplete decision on your settlement just because someone says interest rates might change. There is no need to rush and do not enter into any agreement in haste or under pressure.

4. Ask questions and make sure the plan fits for you. The first offer or design of a plan you see is just that, the first design. One of the great benefits of structured settlements is they offer almost limitless design and pricing options and you need to look carefully to make sure what is offered to you makes sense for you or your family.

Watch our tutorial on " What to do if you are offered a structured settlement to settle your claim" and if you need assistance on your case, contact Mark or Evan Wahlstrom at Wahlstrom & Associates, in Scottsdale AZ to help you.